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James & Kim Lai

Called to serve the LORD in Malaysia and called to serve HIM in New Zealand. Together with son Jeffrey and daughter Jackie,  they stepped out in faith to establish Lighthouse Christian Fellowship on the North Shore in Glenfield on 4 March 1990.


From the beginning it was to be a “house of many nations.” Lighthouse is, indeed, internationality in flavour and outlook as one family in Christ with one heart for His Kingdom expansion.


They are still enthused in their calling and see themselves as pastoral catalyst for more of Christ, to Christ, for Christ. And still with eyes on new frontiers for the Lord. Ever raising up future generations to serve the Lord in Lighthouse, they rejoice that their son, Jeffrey, is presently leading the church in its next transformation phase.


Chek Kong & Jenny Phoon

Chek Kong and Jenny with their three sons immigrated to NZ in 1991. Lighthouse is the first church they attended and stayed ever since.  Now, they are proud grandparents of 7 grandchildren.


Pastor Chek  became a full time worker in 1997 and was ordained as a pastor in 2000. He desires to see the expansion of life groups in Lighthouse and wants to see Lighthouse people grow in spiritual maturity, loving Jesus and able to share His love to others.


Jenny loves children and she stays active in the children ministry. 

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