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This book is a series of 20 studies showing the first essential steps in following Jesus and how to establish a solid foundation for your Christian life. Perhaps you have already begun walking with Jesus, but you want to go on further. Or perhaps you are not sure what you have yet begun the journey. Well this book is for you!

If you are seeking to know more clearly the way and how to become a Christian, it will show you in the first 5 studies how to take those first steps to Jesus.


Then the next 15 studies will take you step by step through the important foundation areas of your walk with Jesus which are essential if you are to go on and grow strong. Even some who have been Christians for mahy years have never properly established these foundation steps. Through the simple and clear studies with questions for reflection and discussion, you will be able to lay that solid foundation for your Christian life.


This book is ideal for those seeking to know about Christianity, for new Christians, and a valuable tool for those wanting to disciple others.


The book "My First Steps" is available in the leaders resource cabinet in the pastors office. 

Sample lesson (Study 5 & 6)

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