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ONE 2 ONE is a seven-lesson discipleship guide to help facilitate conversations to jumpstart your walk with God. Written by Steve Murrell, the founding pastor of Victory in Manila, Philippines, and the cofounder and president of Every Nation, ONE 2 ONE is an ideal tool for those of us who would like to understand what it really means to walk with Jesus.  It will help us get the right start by guiding us through the first essential steps as we follow Christ.

Topics included in ONE 2 ONE are:

  • Salvation
  • Lordship

  • Repentance

  • Baptism

  • Devotion

  • Church

  • Discipleship


Available in digital format via iOS app or Android app.   The ONE 2 ONE app also includes other languages.   We also have a couple of hard copy One 2 One booklets in the leaders resource cabinet in the Pastors Office.


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