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Technical Support

We encourage you to use ZOOM with your laptop as it is easier to others with a bigger screen. 

But if you are experiencing difficulty with logging into Zoom with your laptop (due to heavy internet traffic) , try using ZOOM on your mobile 

How to install ZOOM (for meetings) on your laptop

1. Go to the ZOOM website and create an account using your email and create a password (Remember both!).

2. Verify your account by checking your email for the verification code.

3. Go back to the ZOOM website and click the RESOURCES button in the top-right and go to the DOWNLOAD client button.

4. Download the ZOOM client/app (the first button), then install the app using the file that gets downloaded.

5. Log in to the client once it finishes installing and done! You should be able to host or join ZOOM meetings now.

How to install ZOOM (for meetings) on your mobile

 You can download the Zoom mobile app for your iOS or Android device from the Apple App Store  or the Google Play Store .  Type in 'ZOOM Cloud Meeting'.

How to join a ZOOM meeting


  1. click on the Zoom link you may have been provided with (it will look something like this: 




2. Open your Zoom app and Enter the Meeting ID that you have been provided with in the appropriate field and click ‘Join’ (the Meeting ID will be a 9 or 10 digit number)

Need more help? Contact us!

Daniel De Ramos 0210628197

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